Chrono Bellum

Graf's Story


Graf&Redjax go to a Remoran temple which has fallen under attack by Phyrexians and mutants. 2 survivors where found,the area was cleared and the wounded were moved.Graf arrived to House Ixium and had a war meeting with Vexmore,Kilik and Redjaxs.An assault paired with Lyndis’ forces was organized.Graf and Vexmore had a private talk,no one was present including Penny. Graf revealed Moriss being involved in the twisted-human experiments and that he may be aiding Mekel. Vexmore agrees to give Graf access to the Ixium Library and that any and all information or creations of Moriss were to be destroyed and/or reported to Vexmore. Graf and the infiltration team sneak into House Phyrexia and do epic battle. Graf finds a lady giving birth to one of Mekel’s “babies” and kidnaps it upon birth. He then goes to the west wing where he finds Liby being assaulted by Lynis’ men. Graf kills them and helps Liby stabilize. He then continues to the hidden section of the west wing where he solves door puzzles and finds a bunch of cages with dead or mutated bodies. He goes deeper in and find a dead pregnant lady with her baby eaten out of her stomach c-section style. He goes into a room and finds a bunch of scattered papers which he pockets.He then goes into the quiet room and finds Chub.He leaves the room quickly and tells Liby to go back to the entrance of the West Wing. Graf goes back in and kills Chub after finding out he had been doing work for Mekel for about 2 years(or months,I cant remember,it wasn’t that long) Graf then goes back to the entrance to find Lynis and her men who had secured the first floor of House Phyrexia. Intel says Mekel is holed up in the 3rd or 4th floor. Graf claims his mission is over,Lynis overs to hire him in which Graf agrees under the condition that he gain access to Phyrexia’s library,west wing,Mekel’s chamber and the room where Fyreesia and Shilian were held up. It was also revealed while Liby slept that she may also be an oracle/seer as she scribbled writing in his sleep. Graf informed Lynis of Chub and the twisted expermentation facility. The two then set forth to kick ass.



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