Chrono Bellum

Chase 4-2

Chapter 4 session 2

After a emotional night together haylin and chase wake up to spread the news of there marriage. Chase talks to Ash, kinda catch up, its there birthday today. Ash is still tormented by being a twisted so chase suggest he find Yojimbo to help him with what he is going through. Chase finds the anoying blacksmith dude he shows him a room he hasent been into yet. its up in the tower of the seasand shrine says he can fix it, also asks for an aprentice. Chase looks around and finds Phylipe a 14 year old with a nack for Blacksmithing. Made a music box that chase bought off him to give to haylin. after he sets the blacksmith people up he goes and gathers the monks they go out to the dessert to train. even ash comes. so Onyx Ash Chase Akacha and Ferren train on the Scroll of the First Fist. come back to find Sesner. Chase asks him for a wedding present if he could install a mailing service at the sea sand shrine. then chase talks to Hector he has a mission he needs help with. his daughter is captured by rasputine and phyrexian soilders. also elizabith is with hector. so chase says he will help out. he goes and calls Balgus tells him that they need to use his mountain path, Balgus gives chase a horn to call him with. chase gets back and has a wild fun sexy time with haylin. next day chase talks to onyx about the yojimbo idea for ash. he says that there master would be perfect in helping him, sadly he is dead. chase gets an idea of going back into time with ash in order to see the master. chase gets Haylin Ezig to come with him on the mission. we travel over the mountain and set up camp for the ambush. Ezig trains chase in using the patiants bells. during training a twisted shifter apears, they subdue her and turn her back to “normal” come to find out its a shifter cat and it just so happens to be Haylin’s step sister. end of session.



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