Chrono Bellum

Chase 4-1

Chapter 4 session 1

Start off in sea sand shrine. Chase heals up and goes and sits with ash as he heals. few days go by and haylin chase fyreecia and angelia go to the pure manna to fill her up. open the next area with fyreecias ribon dagers. find the gardian. tell angelia every thing and want her to be leader of sea sand shrine. start healing every one. injured soliders comes to gate. Hector and his men are running here away from phyrexian soliders and sand worms. help him in side. says that pyrexia and rasputen are coming here with a twisted. they have been making them. summon ralm. says its time for the ritual. Chase under goes the ritual to become the 4th saint. Chase gets new robe material able to go beyond +5. gets new saint weapon Gaunltets. and finally True Saint necklass. fight the gaurdian. defeat him and find the patians bells. chase has rocksom get another Pure mana orb. ezig makes a orb to contain it. she will be around to help me. I go and tell Haylin to pack goin on mini vacation. go and meditate with the Monks in Po’s garden talk to po says hes been alive for 2000 years, undead, only remembers a woman by the name of beth. Haylin and chase go see Balugus give him Pure mana in exchage for protection of the sea sand shrine from twisted and enemys. Balgus then flys Haylin and chase obove the clouds and shows us ruins and floating islands and a catle he hasent been in and floating whales. he lets us check out a ruin temple for the 3 summoners. after he lands us back on ground, Chase brings up marriage to haylin. Haylin says she needs to think about it. something shes not saying. they get back home and chase finds haylins mom. He asks her whats the matter. come to find out Haylin cannot have kids. and in shifter coulture a woman who is not fertile is the lowest in there society. finally understanding why chase rushes to her in his room she is holding something in a scarf but quickly covers it up and hides it. Chase tells her he knows about her not haveing kids and confesses how he truly feels about her saying he doesent care just as long as there together he would be happy. with tears she says yes and Chase Praposess and gives her the White gem Pearl stone the shifter princess gave him, and Haylin Gives him a Bright Blue Sapphire. Ending the session



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