Chrono Bellum

Chase 3-7

Chapter 3 Ending

Ralm and chase teleport to haylin’s shifter tribe. It’s been infected by the twisted diseas in the water. Chase heals haylin’s mom and the princess. Chase finds another orb #100 in the princesses room. They have been using it to tell the tribe what to do for years. Miko was a seer from this tribe back in the day. Ralm hands me a cocoon for writing letters to him. I write every one letters saying I need to face ash alone and all that jazz. Next morning chase heads out with the shifter clan to travel over the mountain to get to the sea sand shrine. As we go up the mountain two boulders are thrown at the tribe and chase teleports to the front to stop them. The shifters run into a cave just in time as chas lets the boulders go. 4 rock golems come out and try’s to fight chase, he beats the shit out of them all, every one sees this and starts chearing, chase over hears the princesses guard saying she wants to fuck him lol, as every one files out of the cave another rock giant comes out and turns the terrain into mud and a huge mud slide comes down the mountain, chase tries to stop it but to no avail, then the rock giant turns the mud covers shifters into rock. Chase beats the rock giant until he changes it back to mud, he then goes and saves as many shifters as he can, only 4 died. Chase goes and challenges the leader of the rock giants, he wins barely, right then a cloud dragon lands. His name is Balgus and he liked the show chase put on deafening the giant. Balgus says this is his mountain and they all need to give him something in order to pass. The tribe contributed by giving the orb to him we’re as chase gives him the last of his pure mana. They get to the beginning of the dessert when chase calls sysner to him in order safly travel the dessert. During this time bokutachis mother passes away. The next day thy get to the sea sand shrine. Po wants his garden off limits, 3 monks have made it thought the dessert 2 of them are comical and suck the 3rd one is named Faren. They talk for a bit then chase goes and finds Angelia. She says the pure mana is running out and says she can stall for about 2 weeks. Also chase realizes that down in the pure mana fountain he needs freesias twin ribbon daggers in order to proceed through to the next area. Chase asks sysner to bring his party to the sea sand shrine. Ralm appears and says its time to find rocksom and face your brother. We go to the raven night club down in the cave places it’s a vampire night club. Chase asked about James to see if he was still around, he might go by the name leefly now near plague lands. Also chase hears of a monk in Rasputin that uses soul wraps sounds super awesome and cool. They get a meeting with Lutheran and lia, blast from the past she hands him a pure mana and tells them were rest is. Lutheran also warns me about Ralm saying he’s only in it for him self. We travel thought the blood swamp past the cult of the six. And there in a little hole in the wall is rest, she gives rocksom to chase and they go and stay at the cult of the six place. Chase has a moment with Ralm in the rockspring jakoozy thing the cult chick from the past comes in and starts rubbing some herbs on chase. Next day the teleport to we’re ash is and they hAve there battle. Chase is successful in turning ash back to normal. Chase contains the twisted inside him and passes the test for becoming a saint. Ralm teleports chase and ash back to the sea sand shrine and gives the orb rocksom to chase. This concludes the third chapter of crono bellum



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