Chrono Bellum

Chase and Graf

Chapter 3 Session 5

Chase’s group travels to house Phyrexia to have the meeting with keeli and Graf’s party. The meeting discuses how to fix the time paradox. Chase asks for Rocksoms orb from Graf in order to cure Ash. Graf and a few others try and go back in time with no luck. We find out from Ralm that we need to kill a twisted by the name of Renna. She just so happens to be Ralm’s wife. she resides in the house capital to the south, wetlands, with that the party sets off towards Renna. We travel by way of the astreal plane. when we rest in the plague lands Akacha realises that Chase has the orb that produces Pure Mana. So Akacha,Fyreecia and Chase go into the orb to speak to Rocksom. Its pretty messed up inside the orb, tears into the realm, flooding in by faceless creatures. We find Rocksom and he tells me that Grafs “history” is reaking havoc on the other realms. Also I ask if it would be possible to cure Ash in here. He confirms that it is possible and I will have to do it alone. after that Akacha, through a loop hole, is given permission to gain his true form back. come to find out he killed the 7th saint back in the day, aka Tyler’s Sister. Turns out Akacha is a direct dissendant of Apacha the 8 handed god. he has 4 arms now. He gives chase his gratitude saying if it weren’t for him then this would not have happened. The 3 return and Fyreecia gives the message to Graf. next morning same thing of travel. we stop at the lake that the Kraken attacked us before. Graf, Woe, Akacha, Max, Sesner, and Keysharik go to lure it out and kill it. they succeed in finding it and killing it. next day party travels across the lake to visit the Zorro place to get info on Renna. they relax and take a breather before heading to the castle the next day. the giant party splits into 2 teams. Chase, Graf, Woe, Haylin, Akacha, Onyx, Ezig and Fyreecia go into the castle in order to face Renna. The rest go into the astreal plane to work on that end to set the time back in motion. The main group infultrait the castle with no real hassle. as they get to the last part they have a quick battle and proceed to the upper level of the tower. all of a sudden hundreds of undead start popping up and quick thinking from Graf casts a spell on the party, except Onyx and Akacha, so that undead cant see smell ect, us. Onyx and Akacha decide to stay behind and hold them off while we deal with the Twisted. as they proceed further the rest of the party is attacked by Soul Eaters. after the quick dispatch Haylin decides to stay and deal with the rest of them, Chase embraces her and says “Dont die on me till I get back.” with a smile the group proceeds to the last door way, they find a cultest who shows the group the way to Renna after this Ralm appears and starts talking to her. the group pays no mind and goes to meet the boss. BOOOOOSSSSS BATTTLLEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Renna unleashes her final move nearly killing both Fyreecia and Woe, Graf spends a DM point to save her and Chase runs up to Fyreecia and gives her a swig of Pure manna. Then Ralm appears and takes the final blow sucking up her belliums essiences and finishing the battle. Chase quickly runs to where his comrades were last seen. Haylin is pretty beat up but survived, Akacha is fine but Onyx is unconscious. Chase quickly gives him a swig of Pure manna and he comes to. every one comes together, both teams, as they quickly congradulate each other Keysharek aproches Chase and Graf. She takes them to were the time line is split in two and the three of them jump in to save the time line and end the session.



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