Chrono Bellum

Chase 3-3

Chapter 3 Session 3

Chase is in year one, in a huge bloody battle, gets separated from key blade chick. Run for a long time evading battle’s. Badly hurt find a vampire by the name of James Nathanial, feeds chase and patches him up. Chase gives him a few viles of blood, chase has sweet blood so says James. That night chase runs into a young woman, turns out she was being chased by the snake like creature he saw during the astral plane. Chase try’s to save the girl, the snake creature forces him to the ground. “Have u seen me before?” chase asked the creature. The snake looked at chase and sayed no. With out another word the snake turned and began to tear the woman. A few hours later chase was able to move again and continued the journey. He came across a settlement of elven vampires. They let him stay the night under there protection. He met a female vampire there by the name of lia. Also a little vampire boy sucked out blood from chase’s toe. The next day chase got up to the wall of fire. He met a vampire by the name of kasady. He led him through the fire wall.there he found the settelment were “Rest” resides. she would be able to know were fyreecia is. chase meets her and she says fyreecia is with jywren. chase heads off to find jywren. runs into Dragos’ army, hides, then runs into female elf she takes him to the location of Jywren. there he finds fyreecia. she can now speak telepathycally, chase and fyreecia escape from Jywren. on the way back chase runs into Dragos’ army again this time going up to him and asking him questions. he talks to his adviser saki. chase finds out about the architect and bellums essense witch is inside Dragos, Rockstrom, and Ogist. chase then goes and talks to Ogist and finds out Rockstrom is trapped inside one of the stones and that he would know how to cure Ash. keyblade lady comes and grabs both chase and fyreecia and takes them back to the present. there they find that the present has been completly screwed up. the party finds a place to stay with the mermade/zorro people in the south wetlands. they learn that dam caos created a secound plague and there is a 8th saint called karren. there they rest for the time being till they can gather there wits.



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