Chrono Bellum

Chase 3-4

Chapter 3 session 4

After a night’s rest the party regroups and heads out, Akacha side quest search for the 8 scrolls, talked to keeli says to get to house phyrexia in order to have a meeting to find out how to fix the time situation. The party gets to a lake that they have to cross. Sesner takes them across via astreal planes. on the other side they make camp. during the night a giant corrupted Kraken attacks party. Onyx and Haylin are nearly killed in the process, Fyreecia saves Onyx while Chase frees Haylin from the Krakins grips, and the party escapes throught the astreal plane. After a while they arive in the city of Kovair. This is were they will find Ohvay the saint. Haylin and Chase go shopping, bought ring of +2 ac and a pair of +1 gauntlet that do 1D6 acid. Chase heads to Fyreecias room to give her the 4th saints ribbon daggers when he sees her drawing very rapidly. As he starts to look at her drawings a Twisted attacks the town. Haylin Fyreecia Chase and a Paladin by the name of Esig, who is also one of the saints; we had an epic battle beating the shit out of this thing. Haylin, Fyreecia, and Esig all did 70 plus dmg on their first round. Chase rubbed the Bronze Rat 3 times and it produced 12 Rat swarms. Mid way through Chase gets surrounded by these insects that reduced his con to 0. Fyreecia had to bring him back to life. in the end Esig delt the final blow and absorbed the Twisteds soul. After some healing we found Ovhay and she explained that the current saints would meet us at the Iron Spire. This was one of the 6th saints places. So next day we all head out. It takes us a few but we get there and we meet the other remaing saints, Ralm and Max. That night the 4 saints ask Chase to come with them away from the camp. There they give chase a bit of Ovhay’s blood to drink, after drinking it Chase has become a part time saint. once the blood works its way through his body there will be no more benifits. he can detect twisted and absorb their souls if killed. go back to spire to solve puzzle that opens it. Take a small party Haylin, Fyreecia and Esig. This is a test for chase to become a saint. Go through dungeon fight some things get to the bottom to find one of the world generaters. it is a giant ball of pure manna but it has been corrupted by the plague that has shopped this land. Fyreecia cleanses it and the pure manna orb starts healing the land. Chase grabs a jug of it, 5 uses of pure manna. Party gets back to camp to rest for the night. Ralm and chase have a walk to talk about things. Ralm tells Chase how to heal Ash. Ralm was given a test to become a saint; it involved him killing his wife who had become one of the twisted much like Ash. He gives the same test to Chase only now he has two options, he may kill Ash, or he can get the orb containing Rockstrom and by activating it it will transport Chase and Ash inside the orb, this orb is filled with nothing but pure manna. In theory if Chase were to defeat him inside the orb with all the pure manna it should cure him of the Twisted. The orb is in Graf/Dan’s possession, and he will be at the meeting with Keeli. Ralm and Chase head back to camp, Chase talks to Keeli and tells of the big party Chase is brining to the meeting, Keeli tells him to go to an inn and “ask for the private room.” after the conversation Chase and Haylin go on a walk to talk things over, Chase gives off all his worries and his anticipation for every thing he has been doing is finally going to pay off. It all comes to this point and he’s ready. After this Chase and Haylin have an intimate moment as the session draws to a close.



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