Chrono Bellum

Chase 4-3 and 4-4

Chase and party wake up to get ready for big ambush battle of phyrexia and rasputen. fight happens and they end up capturing 2 twisted in the process, one of them escapes. They go to dezmagorine after the battle to get resupplied and a little R and R. Chase and Haylin go to a shifter’s “couples” place

Chase 4-2
Chapter 4 session 2

After a emotional night together haylin and chase wake up to spread the news of there marriage. Chase talks to Ash, kinda catch up, its there birthday today. Ash is still tormented by being a twisted so chase suggest he find Yojimbo to help him with what he is going through. Chase finds the anoying blacksmith dude he shows him a room he hasent been into yet. its up in the tower of the seasand shrine says he can fix it, also asks for an aprentice. Chase looks around and finds Phylipe a 14 year old with a nack for Blacksmithing. Made a music box that chase bought off him to give to haylin. after he sets the blacksmith people up he goes and gathers the monks they go out to the dessert to train. even ash comes. so Onyx Ash Chase Akacha and Ferren train on the Scroll of the First Fist. come back to find Sesner. Chase asks him for a wedding present if he could install a mailing service at the sea sand shrine. then chase talks to Hector he has a mission he needs help with. his daughter is captured by rasputine and phyrexian soilders. also elizabith is with hector. so chase says he will help out. he goes and calls Balgus tells him that they need to use his mountain path, Balgus gives chase a horn to call him with. chase gets back and has a wild fun sexy time with haylin. next day chase talks to onyx about the yojimbo idea for ash. he says that there master would be perfect in helping him, sadly he is dead. chase gets an idea of going back into time with ash in order to see the master. chase gets Haylin Ezig to come with him on the mission. we travel over the mountain and set up camp for the ambush. Ezig trains chase in using the patiants bells. during training a twisted shifter apears, they subdue her and turn her back to “normal” come to find out its a shifter cat and it just so happens to be Haylin’s step sister. end of session.

Chase 4-1
Chapter 4 session 1

Start off in sea sand shrine. Chase heals up and goes and sits with ash as he heals. few days go by and haylin chase fyreecia and angelia go to the pure manna to fill her up. open the next area with fyreecias ribon dagers. find the gardian. tell angelia every thing and want her to be leader of sea sand shrine. start healing every one. injured soliders comes to gate. Hector and his men are running here away from phyrexian soliders and sand worms. help him in side. says that pyrexia and rasputen are coming here with a twisted. they have been making them. summon ralm. says its time for the ritual. Chase under goes the ritual to become the 4th saint. Chase gets new robe material able to go beyond +5. gets new saint weapon Gaunltets. and finally True Saint necklass. fight the gaurdian. defeat him and find the patians bells. chase has rocksom get another Pure mana orb. ezig makes a orb to contain it. she will be around to help me. I go and tell Haylin to pack goin on mini vacation. go and meditate with the Monks in Po’s garden talk to po says hes been alive for 2000 years, undead, only remembers a woman by the name of beth. Haylin and chase go see Balugus give him Pure mana in exchage for protection of the sea sand shrine from twisted and enemys. Balgus then flys Haylin and chase obove the clouds and shows us ruins and floating islands and a catle he hasent been in and floating whales. he lets us check out a ruin temple for the 3 summoners. after he lands us back on ground, Chase brings up marriage to haylin. Haylin says she needs to think about it. something shes not saying. they get back home and chase finds haylins mom. He asks her whats the matter. come to find out Haylin cannot have kids. and in shifter coulture a woman who is not fertile is the lowest in there society. finally understanding why chase rushes to her in his room she is holding something in a scarf but quickly covers it up and hides it. Chase tells her he knows about her not haveing kids and confesses how he truly feels about her saying he doesent care just as long as there together he would be happy. with tears she says yes and Chase Praposess and gives her the White gem Pearl stone the shifter princess gave him, and Haylin Gives him a Bright Blue Sapphire. Ending the session

Chase 3-7
Chapter 3 Ending

Ralm and chase teleport to haylin’s shifter tribe. It’s been infected by the twisted diseas in the water. Chase heals haylin’s mom and the princess. Chase finds another orb #100 in the princesses room. They have been using it to tell the tribe what to do for years. Miko was a seer from this tribe back in the day. Ralm hands me a cocoon for writing letters to him. I write every one letters saying I need to face ash alone and all that jazz. Next morning chase heads out with the shifter clan to travel over the mountain to get to the sea sand shrine. As we go up the mountain two boulders are thrown at the tribe and chase teleports to the front to stop them. The shifters run into a cave just in time as chas lets the boulders go. 4 rock golems come out and try’s to fight chase, he beats the shit out of them all, every one sees this and starts chearing, chase over hears the princesses guard saying she wants to fuck him lol, as every one files out of the cave another rock giant comes out and turns the terrain into mud and a huge mud slide comes down the mountain, chase tries to stop it but to no avail, then the rock giant turns the mud covers shifters into rock. Chase beats the rock giant until he changes it back to mud, he then goes and saves as many shifters as he can, only 4 died. Chase goes and challenges the leader of the rock giants, he wins barely, right then a cloud dragon lands. His name is Balgus and he liked the show chase put on deafening the giant. Balgus says this is his mountain and they all need to give him something in order to pass. The tribe contributed by giving the orb to him we’re as chase gives him the last of his pure mana. They get to the beginning of the dessert when chase calls sysner to him in order safly travel the dessert. During this time bokutachis mother passes away. The next day thy get to the sea sand shrine. Po wants his garden off limits, 3 monks have made it thought the dessert 2 of them are comical and suck the 3rd one is named Faren. They talk for a bit then chase goes and finds Angelia. She says the pure mana is running out and says she can stall for about 2 weeks. Also chase realizes that down in the pure mana fountain he needs freesias twin ribbon daggers in order to proceed through to the next area. Chase asks sysner to bring his party to the sea sand shrine. Ralm appears and says its time to find rocksom and face your brother. We go to the raven night club down in the cave places it’s a vampire night club. Chase asked about James to see if he was still around, he might go by the name leefly now near plague lands. Also chase hears of a monk in Rasputin that uses soul wraps sounds super awesome and cool. They get a meeting with Lutheran and lia, blast from the past she hands him a pure mana and tells them were rest is. Lutheran also warns me about Ralm saying he’s only in it for him self. We travel thought the blood swamp past the cult of the six. And there in a little hole in the wall is rest, she gives rocksom to chase and they go and stay at the cult of the six place. Chase has a moment with Ralm in the rockspring jakoozy thing the cult chick from the past comes in and starts rubbing some herbs on chase. Next day the teleport to we’re ash is and they hAve there battle. Chase is successful in turning ash back to normal. Chase contains the twisted inside him and passes the test for becoming a saint. Ralm teleports chase and ash back to the sea sand shrine and gives the orb rocksom to chase. This concludes the third chapter of crono bellum

Chase 3-6
Chapter 3 Session 6

Graf and chase start out in the past year one. Chase finds James the vampire from before and gives him some more blood. Travel through fire wall and meet up with rest, give her rocksom to fix time line. Fight breaks out August is trying to kill rest and take over her place. Keysharik and rest teleport chase and Graf back to the present. Graf walks off north. Ralm comes and talks to chase about finding rest and rocksom. Chase meditates for the night. Ralm and chase travel to the chaos map room. After that they visit sea sand shrine. Angelia, who is pretty much leading this place, says the need food in order to keep living. So chase goes out and kills a purple worm to feed them all for the months ahead. End of session.

Chase and Graf
Chapter 3 Session 5

Chase’s group travels to house Phyrexia to have the meeting with keeli and Graf’s party. The meeting discuses how to fix the time paradox. Chase asks for Rocksoms orb from Graf in order to cure Ash. Graf and a few others try and go back in time with no luck. We find out from Ralm that we need to kill a twisted by the name of Renna. She just so happens to be Ralm’s wife. she resides in the house capital to the south, wetlands, with that the party sets off towards Renna. We travel by way of the astreal plane. when we rest in the plague lands Akacha realises that Chase has the orb that produces Pure Mana. So Akacha,Fyreecia and Chase go into the orb to speak to Rocksom. Its pretty messed up inside the orb, tears into the realm, flooding in by faceless creatures. We find Rocksom and he tells me that Grafs “history” is reaking havoc on the other realms. Also I ask if it would be possible to cure Ash in here. He confirms that it is possible and I will have to do it alone. after that Akacha, through a loop hole, is given permission to gain his true form back. come to find out he killed the 7th saint back in the day, aka Tyler’s Sister. Turns out Akacha is a direct dissendant of Apacha the 8 handed god. he has 4 arms now. He gives chase his gratitude saying if it weren’t for him then this would not have happened. The 3 return and Fyreecia gives the message to Graf. next morning same thing of travel. we stop at the lake that the Kraken attacked us before. Graf, Woe, Akacha, Max, Sesner, and Keysharik go to lure it out and kill it. they succeed in finding it and killing it. next day party travels across the lake to visit the Zorro place to get info on Renna. they relax and take a breather before heading to the castle the next day. the giant party splits into 2 teams. Chase, Graf, Woe, Haylin, Akacha, Onyx, Ezig and Fyreecia go into the castle in order to face Renna. The rest go into the astreal plane to work on that end to set the time back in motion. The main group infultrait the castle with no real hassle. as they get to the last part they have a quick battle and proceed to the upper level of the tower. all of a sudden hundreds of undead start popping up and quick thinking from Graf casts a spell on the party, except Onyx and Akacha, so that undead cant see smell ect, us. Onyx and Akacha decide to stay behind and hold them off while we deal with the Twisted. as they proceed further the rest of the party is attacked by Soul Eaters. after the quick dispatch Haylin decides to stay and deal with the rest of them, Chase embraces her and says “Dont die on me till I get back.” with a smile the group proceeds to the last door way, they find a cultest who shows the group the way to Renna after this Ralm appears and starts talking to her. the group pays no mind and goes to meet the boss. BOOOOOSSSSS BATTTLLEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!! Renna unleashes her final move nearly killing both Fyreecia and Woe, Graf spends a DM point to save her and Chase runs up to Fyreecia and gives her a swig of Pure manna. Then Ralm appears and takes the final blow sucking up her belliums essiences and finishing the battle. Chase quickly runs to where his comrades were last seen. Haylin is pretty beat up but survived, Akacha is fine but Onyx is unconscious. Chase quickly gives him a swig of Pure manna and he comes to. every one comes together, both teams, as they quickly congradulate each other Keysharek aproches Chase and Graf. She takes them to were the time line is split in two and the three of them jump in to save the time line and end the session.

Graf's fucking story

Graf and Lynis find and kill Mekel,Graf gets an eye necklace and an eye book.He also takes Mekel’s armor and spear. Liby gives Graf a note telling him what he’s looking for will be through the ocean on the earth. Graf goes to Mekel’s room,and through his mirror where he winds up underwater.He swims up and finds Moriss,the 6th saint and takes him into custody. He then makes his way to Ixium and turns Moriss into Vexmore’s custody. Vexmore and Graf interogate Moriss,he doesnt know shit. Vexmore takes Graf to the Ixium hidden library. He reads about Dragos and Bellum Soul and gets Moriss to explain to him about the Saint’s Secrets as well as the world life reactor in the library. Graf asks for a key to the library for the future,Vexmore agrees and goes to make it.David totally forgets Vexmore is going to make the key and has Graf go back to the present where everything is fucked and Ixium and Phyrexia are friends and ya everything is fucked. Keeli remembers Graf after he tries to talk to him through the necklace. Graf then set a meet with Keeli and all of the people that remember the alternate timeline. Graf then goes back to the past to get the key to the library from Vexmore and has a great deal of trouble doing so. Finally he gets the key and gets back to the present but oh no Keeli says eveything got fucked because Graf took too long. Then Woe,Graf,Roxum and Keeli disucss three ways to fix the present. Woe’s way sounded the best,Keeli’s way sounded like too much of a hassle. Roxum’s sounded like wishful thinking.

Chase 3-4
Chapter 3 session 4

After a night’s rest the party regroups and heads out, Akacha side quest search for the 8 scrolls, talked to keeli says to get to house phyrexia in order to have a meeting to find out how to fix the time situation. The party gets to a lake that they have to cross. Sesner takes them across via astreal planes. on the other side they make camp. during the night a giant corrupted Kraken attacks party. Onyx and Haylin are nearly killed in the process, Fyreecia saves Onyx while Chase frees Haylin from the Krakins grips, and the party escapes throught the astreal plane. After a while they arive in the city of Kovair. This is were they will find Ohvay the saint. Haylin and Chase go shopping, bought ring of +2 ac and a pair of +1 gauntlet that do 1D6 acid. Chase heads to Fyreecias room to give her the 4th saints ribbon daggers when he sees her drawing very rapidly. As he starts to look at her drawings a Twisted attacks the town. Haylin Fyreecia Chase and a Paladin by the name of Esig, who is also one of the saints; we had an epic battle beating the shit out of this thing. Haylin, Fyreecia, and Esig all did 70 plus dmg on their first round. Chase rubbed the Bronze Rat 3 times and it produced 12 Rat swarms. Mid way through Chase gets surrounded by these insects that reduced his con to 0. Fyreecia had to bring him back to life. in the end Esig delt the final blow and absorbed the Twisteds soul. After some healing we found Ovhay and she explained that the current saints would meet us at the Iron Spire. This was one of the 6th saints places. So next day we all head out. It takes us a few but we get there and we meet the other remaing saints, Ralm and Max. That night the 4 saints ask Chase to come with them away from the camp. There they give chase a bit of Ovhay’s blood to drink, after drinking it Chase has become a part time saint. once the blood works its way through his body there will be no more benifits. he can detect twisted and absorb their souls if killed. go back to spire to solve puzzle that opens it. Take a small party Haylin, Fyreecia and Esig. This is a test for chase to become a saint. Go through dungeon fight some things get to the bottom to find one of the world generaters. it is a giant ball of pure manna but it has been corrupted by the plague that has shopped this land. Fyreecia cleanses it and the pure manna orb starts healing the land. Chase grabs a jug of it, 5 uses of pure manna. Party gets back to camp to rest for the night. Ralm and chase have a walk to talk about things. Ralm tells Chase how to heal Ash. Ralm was given a test to become a saint; it involved him killing his wife who had become one of the twisted much like Ash. He gives the same test to Chase only now he has two options, he may kill Ash, or he can get the orb containing Rockstrom and by activating it it will transport Chase and Ash inside the orb, this orb is filled with nothing but pure manna. In theory if Chase were to defeat him inside the orb with all the pure manna it should cure him of the Twisted. The orb is in Graf/Dan’s possession, and he will be at the meeting with Keeli. Ralm and Chase head back to camp, Chase talks to Keeli and tells of the big party Chase is brining to the meeting, Keeli tells him to go to an inn and “ask for the private room.” after the conversation Chase and Haylin go on a walk to talk things over, Chase gives off all his worries and his anticipation for every thing he has been doing is finally going to pay off. It all comes to this point and he’s ready. After this Chase and Haylin have an intimate moment as the session draws to a close.

Graf's Story

Graf&Redjax go to a Remoran temple which has fallen under attack by Phyrexians and mutants. 2 survivors where found,the area was cleared and the wounded were moved.Graf arrived to House Ixium and had a war meeting with Vexmore,Kilik and Redjaxs.An assault paired with Lyndis’ forces was organized.Graf and Vexmore had a private talk,no one was present including Penny. Graf revealed Moriss being involved in the twisted-human experiments and that he may be aiding Mekel. Vexmore agrees to give Graf access to the Ixium Library and that any and all information or creations of Moriss were to be destroyed and/or reported to Vexmore. Graf and the infiltration team sneak into House Phyrexia and do epic battle. Graf finds a lady giving birth to one of Mekel’s “babies” and kidnaps it upon birth. He then goes to the west wing where he finds Liby being assaulted by Lynis’ men. Graf kills them and helps Liby stabilize. He then continues to the hidden section of the west wing where he solves door puzzles and finds a bunch of cages with dead or mutated bodies. He goes deeper in and find a dead pregnant lady with her baby eaten out of her stomach c-section style. He goes into a room and finds a bunch of scattered papers which he pockets.He then goes into the quiet room and finds Chub.He leaves the room quickly and tells Liby to go back to the entrance of the West Wing. Graf goes back in and kills Chub after finding out he had been doing work for Mekel for about 2 years(or months,I cant remember,it wasn’t that long) Graf then goes back to the entrance to find Lynis and her men who had secured the first floor of House Phyrexia. Intel says Mekel is holed up in the 3rd or 4th floor. Graf claims his mission is over,Lynis overs to hire him in which Graf agrees under the condition that he gain access to Phyrexia’s library,west wing,Mekel’s chamber and the room where Fyreesia and Shilian were held up. It was also revealed while Liby slept that she may also be an oracle/seer as she scribbled writing in his sleep. Graf informed Lynis of Chub and the twisted expermentation facility. The two then set forth to kick ass.

Chase 3-3
Chapter 3 Session 3

Chase is in year one, in a huge bloody battle, gets separated from key blade chick. Run for a long time evading battle’s. Badly hurt find a vampire by the name of James Nathanial, feeds chase and patches him up. Chase gives him a few viles of blood, chase has sweet blood so says James. That night chase runs into a young woman, turns out she was being chased by the snake like creature he saw during the astral plane. Chase try’s to save the girl, the snake creature forces him to the ground. “Have u seen me before?” chase asked the creature. The snake looked at chase and sayed no. With out another word the snake turned and began to tear the woman. A few hours later chase was able to move again and continued the journey. He came across a settlement of elven vampires. They let him stay the night under there protection. He met a female vampire there by the name of lia. Also a little vampire boy sucked out blood from chase’s toe. The next day chase got up to the wall of fire. He met a vampire by the name of kasady. He led him through the fire wall.there he found the settelment were “Rest” resides. she would be able to know were fyreecia is. chase meets her and she says fyreecia is with jywren. chase heads off to find jywren. runs into Dragos’ army, hides, then runs into female elf she takes him to the location of Jywren. there he finds fyreecia. she can now speak telepathycally, chase and fyreecia escape from Jywren. on the way back chase runs into Dragos’ army again this time going up to him and asking him questions. he talks to his adviser saki. chase finds out about the architect and bellums essense witch is inside Dragos, Rockstrom, and Ogist. chase then goes and talks to Ogist and finds out Rockstrom is trapped inside one of the stones and that he would know how to cure Ash. keyblade lady comes and grabs both chase and fyreecia and takes them back to the present. there they find that the present has been completly screwed up. the party finds a place to stay with the mermade/zorro people in the south wetlands. they learn that dam caos created a secound plague and there is a 8th saint called karren. there they rest for the time being till they can gather there wits.


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